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Today I, Jody Whitaker, am proud and pleased to announce a new writer to the site. His name is Laurence Daughtery. Help me welcome him here with a big round of applause *insert obligatory golf clap here*.

You will be finding many exciting works written by him throughout the year. His first entry into the world of Erotica comes via ‘The Digital Envelope” an up start e-publishing company with little over-head (so maybe it will not go the way of ‘Quartet Press’.)

Laurence (Laurence not Larry) writes Male/Male erotica. “Infidelity” has traces of Breeder sex in it but not so much that a typical M/M reader would be properly bothered with it.

The story follows Dan, a married man who happened to be board with his life and finds solace in the arms of the babysitter while Dan’s wife is away and his children are sound asleep just up stairs from the pair.

Dan continues his encounters with Courtney under the radar of his wife Gretchen.

It is a story of sexual awakening, liberation and freedom.

This is the first release for “The Digital Envelope”. We are publishing under Barnes & Noble’s new pubit! e-book publishing system.

The title “Infidelity by Laurence Daughtery” will be available for purchase in epub format on October 16th 2010

Jody Whitaker

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