Happy Birthday, Sweetie!

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Tonight I decided to upload a story I edited for Laurence Daughtery to Amazon.com – This is under the Kindle brand.

The website said it would be reviews and I could not wait to give my readers a sneak preview.

Alex’s hips edged gently backward then quickly drove forward, thrusting into Janella, forging deep, exploring the woman’s boundaries. To Alex there was nothing that compared to seeing a woman on all fours – surrendering herself – dominated by her lover.

Janella wailed aloud, struggling for breath as Alex crash into the crown of her cervix. A mixture of bliss and agony surged through her body, sending her mind to a place where serenity and anguish intermixed.

The first few calculated strokes took some getting used to but as she caught up with Alex’s rhythm; her cries of pain subsided and were replaced by groans of pleasure.

“Do-You-Like-That, Baby?” Alex grunted, roughly colliding into Janella on every single syllable.

“Uh huh.” Janella sighed, nodding her head in agreement to her lover’s rough and tumble cadence.

Alex’s fingers entangled in Janella’s strawberry blond hair, latched onto a fist full of curly locks and pulled. Her head was savagely yanked backward in a hard, fast motion, making her feel the strength of Alex’s power over her.

“Ouch!” She whined as Alex tugged her hair taut, still pounding harder from behind. “Don’t stop.” Janella cooed as her body propelled forward, still being trounced by the blows Alex delivered.

Alex bent down over Janella’s creamy body and whispered into her ear, “Don’t worry, I won’t stop until you come.”

Janella quivered at the feeling of Alex’s breath on her neck. She craved the feeling of her lover’s lips pressed against and lightly caressing her ear. It sent her into a sort of sexual trance that she could not pretend to ignore.

Alex eased back up and looked down on Janella’s rear end, “You have the most beautiful ass I’ve ever seen, you know that baby?” Alex remarked, eagerly admiring Janella’s backside. “Can I, Sweetie?”

Thank You All,

Jody Whitaker

Happy Birthday, Sweetie is on sale now at The Kindle Store


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