Wrapped Around Her Finger

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Wrapped Around Her FingerThe morning Amanda and I met I was running late for work. It had been weeks since I began my new-found appreciation for women, all women regardless of skin tone.

I held my coffee in one hand and my brief case in the other as I entered the building where I worked. I saw a woman standing in front of the elevators who was well-dressed and looking perplexed.

Her confused gaze focused on the building’s directory. She looked like the kind of girl who didn’t like to ask for help, the self-reliant type.

At first glance I found this woman attractive, she had shoulder length blonde hair, blue-eyed – a white girl white girl with long manicured fingernail. She wore high heel shoes that made her look short instead of looking unbelievably short without them.

I walked past the baffled beauty on my way to the elevators. I couldn’t help but notice the woman’s curves and looked down to admire more.

The contours of her figure were insatiable. She had the ass, hips and thighs of a thickly-built sista all packed into a five foot, four inch frame of a white girl. It’s like God crafted her body as a white girl in a Black girl’s body, with all the right proportions intact. I was intrigued, distracted yet intrigued.

I looked over in her direction and asked, “What floor are you going to?” I pressed the up button on the wall, calling the elevator to the lobby.

“I don’t know.” she said to me as she turned and walked my way. “I’m looking for Trans-Corp. Do you know what floor that company is on?” The woman smiled as she flipped the hair away from her of eyes.

“That’s the company I work for.” I paused to give this woman a wide smile, my eyes bright and welcoming. “Are you new to the company or are you just a vendor?” I asked looking away from her to see what floor the elevator was on. I found it was coming down slowly from the seventh floor.

“I’m not a vendor,” she shook her head, “it’s my first day of work here.” She said flashing me a sweet smile.

“Human Resources department, it’s on the third floor. I’ll help you get there.”

The elevator chimed, signaling its descent to the lobby, and the doors opened.

I walked onto the elevator, waived the woman on and just before the doors closed I confidently pressed the button for the third and fifth floor.

“When we get to the third floor, you’ll just turn left and your right there. There’s a sign on the door that reads ‘HR Department’, you can’t miss it.” I stated looking forward, not making eye contact.

She looked up at me, and I turned to look at her. Amanda brushed her dishwater blond hair out of her deep, bright blue eyes and said: “Thanks. You know, I think you just saved me my job.” She paused and held my gaze for a moment, “And I haven’t ever started working yet.”

I opened my mouth a moment then spoke, “No problem what so ever” I extended my hand to shake hers, “Jamie.” She looked down at my out stretched fingers with an expression I could not decipher.

“No, my name is Amanda.”She said.

“No, I meant my name is Jamie.”

That brought a smile to her lips, “Sorry, I just had to do that to you. I know what you meant.” She paused and the air in the elevator fell silent. “Amanda Winslow, nice to meet you.” She put her hand in mine.

I shook it lightly, taking advice from my mother – always be gentle with a lady. I couldn’t help noticed how soft and delicate her skin felt under my touch. I was shocked at how small her hand was in my own. I couldn’t help bet appreciate the contrast of her Caucasian skin to mine so deep bronze in color.

The door to the elevator opened and a woman’s voice exclaimed. ‘Third Floor.’ I eased my grip from hers and let my fingertips glide over her palm. As I reached her fingertips, they curled up, not wanting to let go, but this was her floor and I was already late as it was.

“This is my stop.” She said as she turned to leave “Wish me luck.”

“Maybe I’ll see you on break. I usually see everyone in the lunch room from time to time.”

She turned to face me again, “I’ll look forward to it.” And just as the doors closed she smiled and brushed her hair away from her face.

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