1 Flat 2 Bedrooms & 1 Bathroom

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1F2B & 1BI’ve been a member of textnovel.com since January 5th 2009. I begin writing the short story “1 Flat 2 Bedrooms and 1 Bathroom” as an experiment. The covers have changed, the story has stayed the same.

The story is about Melanie, a snarky, cynical twenty something movie extra and Chase, her live-in boyfriend. He is a ghost writer for Ask Maggie, a local relationship advice column. They consider themselves to be ‘GGG‘, “Good Giving and Game” for whatever sexual whims that trips the other’s fancy.

Tate plays their lazy partial rent paying roommate – an atypical slacker roommate. He jumps from odd job to odd job as well as from girlfriend to girlfriend, whether married, unmarried or otherwise attached. They all share a two bedroom flat with on the East Side of Metro City that only has one restroom.

Tensions have been building for months as Melanie finds herself burdened with the task of picking up after Tate’s daily messes, let alone covering the rent he refuses to pay. She is angered at his lack of personal responsibility and his unpolished sexual tactics of bringing home young women for late night coitus without regard for the others inhabiting the apartment.

The dilemma of having only one toilet to share between three adults comes to the inevitable apex: More than one person has to use the Loo at the same time. Unfortunately for Melanie, it is Tate who needed to use the facilities while she is already occupying the room.

Tate’s urgency prevails and Melanie allows him to relieve himself in a highly unconventional manner. Situations become increasingly troublesome when Chase comes home unannounced and walks in on the pair.

1 Flat 2 Bedrooms and 1 Bathroom” guides three unwitting – but willing – roommates through a previously verboten barrier: The awkwardness that comes with the release of unrealized sexual tension.

Click here to read: 1 Flat 2 Bedrooms and 1 Flat (Please Read The Caveat Below)

The following story contain subject matter of a mature nature, strong sexual content and are not suitable for children, some adults – or the prudish.

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