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Wrapped Around Her FingerI have a simple problem, which is: getting his manuscript finished. I know where it begins, I know where it ends, the middle is full of meaty goodness. But it is putting all these ideas into something legible and understandable by other human beings is tough.

This morning I woke up [hey 11:30am is still the morning even though McD’s stops serving breakfast a 10] checked a few emails and then went over to Samhain Publishing site. They usually publish racy romances to hot erotica. They even published an Action Adventure novel from a friend of mine, Sean Ellis called The Shroud of Heaven.

Every once in a while they come out with a Call-for-Submission for anthologies they will publish in the future. They have one that has been around for a while calling for Cyberpunk Romance that I just do not have the abilities to write. But checking their site for new submissions I found one called Just Romance. This is where Wrapped Around Her Finger fits in perfectly.

The other day I said ‘I should just write short stories and let them sit until I find a Call-for-Submission it fits into.’ This is the culmination of the two. I wrote a short story (actually trying to write a full length novel but cutting it short might be the ticket) and Samhain calls to me from the interwebs to give them my precious work for their anthologies.

It will come out in the Spring of 2011 and if I am selected for this task the book would fit into the time frame in which I wanted it to come out around or on Loving Day June 12th.

I have until November 1st to fining what I have written. Dead lines? I either miss them totally or nail them on the head.

Bon Chance
Jody Whitaker

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