Guns Greed $ Aeroplanes

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Jan 25 2006 08:00
San Francisco FBI Field Office
FBI Debriefing Room

“Two days ago we received word that a couple of jets, owned by Air America out of Phoenix, were repossessed from a private hanger here in Oakland.” Agent Anderson stated as he stared into a room full of Agents. All were US Government Agents, all of varying acronyms from most segments of the Department of Defense.

“I mean no disrespect to you Sir, but you’ve called us all here for a meeting to tell us about some insignificant aircraft repo. I think it would behoove us to focus on the joint DEA task force in Marin County we’ve been been working so hard on.” Agent Sherwood said sarcastically.

Agent Anderson had been in the FBI for so long that he failed to recognize humor, indifference, as well as sarcastic overtone.

“The task force can wait. We’ve been assisting the DEA in destroying pot plans in that county for the last 25 years. They keep popping up and we keep shutting them down. If you haven’t noticed by now there are agents from different arms of the government represented here. Special Agent Talbert of the FAA is meeting with us today and is going to debrief everyone on the subject at hand. Agent Talbert.” Agent Anderson motioned to the Federal Aviation Administration Agent.

“At 0710 this morning one of fore mentioned jets that was repossessed went down in a trailer court in Bakersfield. The jet’s N-number was NXXXXX. There were 5 injuries on the ground were serious but not life threatening. Debris from the wreckage hit and destroyed a trailer in the park.” Agent Anderson paused to take his reading glasses off his face. “The pilot ejected from the craft, one parachute was deployed but unfortunately the main parachute did not open. When they found the seat of the jet, the pilot, Mark Somersby, was still strapped in. He was pronounced deceased on the scene.” Agent Anderson slowly placed his glasses back onto his face.

Most of the agents in the room knew the feeling of loosing a comrade and at least one of the Agents actually knew the pilot.

“We are all sympathetic here, but that still doesn’t answer the question of why the FBI is involved in an case that is clearly under the jurisdiction of the FAA.” Agent Sherwood stated.

“The reason the FBI is involved in an FAA matter are because of the the Jets that were repossessed. The Jets were one of the major keys in this whole situation. They were L-39’s. Can anyone tell me what an L-39 is?” Agent Anderson asked of the audience.

“Aero L-39 Albatros. A light attack aircraft or trainer jet, Czech built from 1971 to the late 90s, used by 39 different countries including the US.” Special Agent Strong of the CIA quickly rattled off .

“Does anyone know which company in the Bay Area operates the L-39 series of jet?” Agent Anderson question went unanswered. “Protection Aviation owns L-39’s or at least they are in possession of them. Air America claims Protection Aviation reneged on a 1.3 million dollar payment on 10 of these L-39’s. Seems the money is drying up over there like an Eskimo on vacation in Dubai. Special Agent Cook has been heading this portion of the investigation. I will now give the time over to Agent Cook.” Agent Anderson turned the time over to Agent Cook. Cook stood and addressed the audience.

“Located in the brief in front of you you’ll find a file on one Richard Knight. He goes by the name of Captain Knight even though he never served in that capacity. FBI Special Agent Goddard made contact with this gentleman recently. And notice I use Gentlemen for lack of a better word. Knight claims to be a former Navy Seal, Special Forces, FBI informant, etc. He has no military background and has not worked for this or any other US agency as an informant.”

Guns Greed $ Aeroplanes

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