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I Love The Way You Taste

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I Like The Way You Taste I wrote this story when I was sitting in a meeting thinking about an encounter I had two days before.

Then about a week after this I was browsing Post Secret and found this item.

Wow, I am not the only one what does this? I guess not. Some people write erotica for their work. Yes I am talking about you Violet Blue and Rachel Kramer Brussels.

Anyway this story is now on sale at Amazon and at Barnes and Noble.

Jody Whitaker

The Journal of Kerstin X. – Sex Therapist

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The Journal of Kerstin X.

Back in 2010 I found this journal while I was looking through some books I bought at a garage sale.

I really contemplated actually googling this woman’s name and finding the person it belonged to.

But as a writer decided it was anonymous enough to translated it and place it on TextNovel it instead.

Kerstin’s handwriting isn’t that legible so it’ll take me some time to get it all transcribed onto form.

Happy Birthday, Sweetie!

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Tonight I decided to upload a story I edited for Laurence Daughtery to – This is under the Kindle brand.

The website said it would be reviews and I could not wait to give my readers a sneek preview.

Alex’s hips edged gently backward then quickly drove forward, thrusting into Janella, forging deep, exploring the woman’s boundaries. To Alex there was nothing that compared to seeing a woman on all fours – surrendering herself – dominated by her lover.

38 Minutes

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38 MinutesI wrote this story with a thought. What if people had the ability to hear the dead right after they have died?
Charles thought he was living the average life style for a kid his age.

He had a best friend, a bully and a mom who loved him deary.

On a chilly October afternoon in the Arctic North Charles Brighten died at the age of 11 years old.

Fortunately he was revived after 38 minutes of being dead. His life after that point in time has never been the same.

1 Flat 2 Bedrooms & 1 Bathroom

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1F2B & 1BI’ve been a member of since January 5th 2009. I begain writing the short story “1 Flat 2 Bedrooms and 1 Bathroom” as an experiment. The covers have changed, the story has stayed the same.

The story is about Melanie, a snarky, cynical twenty something movie extra and Chase, her live-in boyfriend. He is a ghost writer for Ask Maggie, a local relationship advice column. They consider themselves to be ‘GGG‘, “Good Giving and Game”

Samhain Publishing: Just Romance

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Wrapped Around Her FingerI have a simple problem, which is: getting his manuscript finished. I know where it begins, I know where it ends, the middle is full of meaty goodness. But it is putting all these ideas into something legible and understandable by other human beings is tough.

This morning I woke up [hey 11:30 is still the morning even though McD’s stops serving breakfast a 10] checked a few emails and then went over to Samhain Publishing site. They usually publish racy romances to hot erotica. They even published an Action Adventure novel from a friend of mine, Sean Ellis called The Shroud of Heaven.

Every once in a while they come out with a Call-for-Submission for anthologies they will publish in the future. They have one that has been around for a while calling for Cyberpunk Romance that I just do not have the abilities to write. But checking their site for {Read More}

Immutable: Memory

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Immutable: MemoryJody Whitaker is currently working on a novel titled “Immutable: Memory”.

Hes in the process of editing the current endeavor and writing down ideas for the next book in the series “Immutable: Witness”.

The Immutable series will be offered as a free serialized audiobook at The author will follow in the large footsteps of another great and wonderful author Kimberly Steele. Although Jody hopes the series is as dark, interesting, sexual, historical, and taboo as the author of Forever Fifteen he gave it his best effort.