Happy Birthday, Sweetie!

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Tonight I decided to upload a story I edited for Laurence Daughtery to Amazon.com – This is under the Kindle brand.

The website said it would be reviews and I could not wait to give my readers a sneek preview.

Alex’s hips edged gently backward then quickly drove forward, thrusting into Janella, forging deep, exploring the woman’s boundaries. To Alex there was nothing that compared to seeing a woman on all fours – surrendering herself – dominated by her lover.

Samhain Publishing: Just Romance

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Wrapped Around Her FingerI have a simple problem, which is: getting his manuscript finished. I know where it begins, I know where it ends, the middle is full of meaty goodness. But it is putting all these ideas into something legible and understandable by other human beings is tough.

This morning I woke up [hey 11:30 is still the morning even though McD’s stops serving breakfast a 10] checked a few emails and then went over to Samhain Publishing site. They usually publish racy romances to hot erotica. They even published an Action Adventure novel from a friend of mine, Sean Ellis called The Shroud of Heaven.

Every once in a while they come out with a Call-for-Submission for anthologies they will publish in the future. They have one that has been around for a while calling for Cyberpunk Romance that I just do not have the abilities to write. But checking their site for {Read More}

Wrapped Around Her Finger

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Wrapped Around Her Finger

The morning Amanda and I met I was running late for work. It had been weeks since I began my new-found appreciation for women, all women regardless of skin tone.

I held my coffee in one hand and my brief case in the other as I entered the building where I worked. I saw a woman standing in front of the elevators who was well-dressed and looking perplexed.

Her confused gaze focused on the building’s directory. She looked like the kind of girl who didn’t like to ask for help, the self-reliant type.

At first glance I found this woman attractive, she had shoulder length blonde.